No baby....again.

Little bit of contractions, but I don't think they count every half hour or so. 

dilated a bit more. 

jumping jacks not helping. 



Sylvia said...

jumping jacks at 41 weeks?! My, you really are ready to be done with this pregnancy!

You are way more energetic than I would be.

Zane said...

Hang in there... At least until I'm off work ;)


Melissa said...

Don't talk to ME about work.


Melissa said...

Sylvia, not really jj. Honestly I can hardly move...I'm ponderous, cumbrous, massive and lumbering. I can hardly get out of bed, much less down the stairs.

hahamommy said...

well... y'all did ask this one to stick! I'm thinking there's a serious lesson before he even comes out -- be VERY careful what you ask this one!!

Melissa said...

(hugs) Diane, you are RIGHT!

Always be wary of the bargains you make with the universe, and this guy in particular...

Smooches to my buddies!