My birthing necklace....

I was part of an online bead exchange, but didn't get much out of that. 
However, I did take the kids and let them pick out beads for the necklace, and we strung it together, talking about birth and baby Nathan and all that. You can't really see the particular beads, but as I am finally contracting, I think you'll forgive. Yay!
Emily picked the big blue one at the bottom.
Dan picked a metal butterfly
There's a blue glass one and a topaz one, that I know Rachel and Sam picked out.
Avari picked out all the smaller, spacer beads as we were stringing.
The blue hearts I picked out as part of the bead exchange, and my friend sent the purple swirly ones, as well as the yellow ones with flowers. Someone else sent the red glass cylinders (guess the symbolism there ;-) ) and someone else sent the green ones. 

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Sylvia said...

so where's that baby?

yeah, I know it's early, but I missed this post last night and my first thought today was 'wonder if Melissa's had the baby yet?'