Ma Birfday....

Does it get better than THIS? Waking up to my personal birthday banner?
I got my own box of poptarts (LOL!), purple sheets to match my purple bedroom, and some new decks of cards (wOoT!)
Then my parents came down and added the green. Never been able to get past St Paddy's. The hat...awesome, yes? Peeps are my fav nonchocolate treat. I buy them at EVERY holiday.
And I finally fell under the Twilight spell, my mom bought me two of the books. Esp since I've been complaining about the waiting list at the library.
And dh made a chocolate layer cake, with chocolate pudding and chocolate frosting. Is he the best? 

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Alex Polikowsky said...

Happy Birfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome and an ispiration!