Nice day today

This is an old picture of Avari, but gosh...isn't she cute???
I found it while digging through the girls scout pictures. huh.
Today was tough to start with, slow going, I guess. After lunch, I asked the kids to hold down the fort (basement) and watch a movie while I laid down and took a nap. Half an hour later, I felt better. Went out and raked up leaves. If you've ever seen our backyard, you would know this was solely an attempt to start labor. Not happening. So I must roll my eyes. 

Oddly enough, I felt so much better. Tired. My legs were shaky (whoohoo..that means something right?) We went to Sonic for happy hour slushies, and then to the bank to cash some checks. Scared dh half to death when he came home from work early and we weren't there.

I did finish (finally) my red knit hat...just in time for warm weather. Oh well. I'll put it with the others and store away for the summer. 

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