Why are homeschoolers...

all about the springbreak?

I don't understand. I mean, sure, if your child is in school all year, I can see how spring break is this awesome time to reconnect and bond (for some parents) but if your child is home every day, what's the deal? Can't you just take a  break whenever you want? Celebrate spring all month long? Don't most dads still have to work?

Sorry, I'm just confused. This week is sucking for me. No labor but I cannot walk, eat, bend over. My back is seriously killing me. No dh because this is one of the most busy times of year on campus (because while students play, staff busts their butt to get things done that can't be done while they're here). I had TWO PARENTS ask me to watch their kids for the week (hello? Due the 7th?) and even though I thought I said no pretty nicely, one kid already showed up on our porch, at 9am Monday morning, to 'play'. Eh. NO!

Even if I wanted to go somewhere, everyone who IS out of school is there. I'm GLAD for it really, because it means that parents are with their kids (or the daycares are trying to keep kids out of the building) but that definitely marks it out for us and our sensory defensive kids. And our homeschool group has all this stuff this week, that is going to be C-R-O-W-D-E-D...bowling, park day, meet at the library....

Whine fest over....pass the cheese and crackers. If I could eat anything without being nauseous.


Sylvia said...

Okay, Nate, it's time for you come on out and give Mama a break!

Our city's spring break is next week, so we'll be laying low then. Last week, we were busy almost every day. The break feels good.

Hope things get better soon, Melissa!

Blessed Wife and Mom said...

I dread spring break also. You can't go anywhere without there being a ton of (usually horribly behaved) children--- parents or caregiver usually NOT in sight. I think we are going to avoid the masses this week also. If you need anything, or your kids want to come play at our house, I will gladly come pick them up.

I hope you start feeling MUCH better very soon!

Hugs & Prayers!!!

hahamommy said...

my best friend and her friends AND her children promise me that our day at Magic Mountain -- SATURDAY!! AND a middle/high school cheer competition! - will be so much fun I won't remember why I only go off season Wednesdays!!

I was happy to sit around, watch tv and scratch myself - this is how she wants to entertain us. At least Hayden's up for it -- so far :)