no baby..

Just a quick update. We obviously did not have a baby last night, because I totally would have uploaded pictures by now lol!

I did have regular contractions, every five to seven minutes yesterday evening, until my parents showed up with birthday presents. We ate cake and talked for a while, but the mood was gone. teeehee

Had a few more after they left, but I think I was too tired to have a baby and my body knew it. I couldn't even get through my hypnobirthing affirmations without falling asleep (I usually listen to affirmations, then the rainbow relaxation, then about 15 David Nevue songs, which are my planned birthing songs)

I keep saying tonight or tomorrow, but I really think it must be today. Or tomorrow. heehee! I'm dilated to a seven, baby is at a +3, and we had regular contractions yesterday. I really don't want to push it, we did with Avari, walking around to stimulate contractions, and she was not in the right position yet, her arm was up over her head. not pleasant, and if we can prevent a repeat, I'll do it. 

Zane's at work. Spring break is busy if you are STAFF at OU. They need to do all the stuff that keeps the university happy and wifi, and do it while the students are gone so they don't complain stay happy.

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