Oh goodness, the weather is GORGEOUS!

And it's supposed to rain tomorrow. :-(

Good thing the kids and I have been outside constantly the past few days, soaking in the sunshine. Today we took a stroll around the new sidewalk that was laid around our park (yes, it's OUR park, it's right next to OUR backyard. of course it's OUR park lol) Just one more section that needs to finish drying, a cute lil bridge that goes over the drainage. Avari was just so cute, the girls had filled up a spray bottle with water, and so she was washing people's bikes, and spraying her siblings hot, red faces. I showed her how to lay her hand down and spray it to make a negative print, which she thought was GREAT. Easily impressed, me thinks. I like three year olds. 

Yesterday we took some sticky buns out to the workers, as hot as it was, lemonade probably would have been more useful, but they didn't seem to mind. I feel for them, as the people living at the north end of the park are going to have to get used to more passersby, whereas we are used to kids climbing the trees right by our fence. One older gentleman was particularly grumpy about the amount of concrete used...and informed me that there had been several children riding their skateboards and scooters on the already dried sidewalk. Gasp. It is a park. 

I do get grumpy when people block our driveway to park their cars when they visit, but gosh, how can you get grumpy at kids USING the park?

(edit to add: yep, still pregnant)

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