Systems of organization...

Everyone has their own hook, except grownups lol!
hats and gloves in the box.
Everyone has their own bookshelf in their bedroom,
but books that I buy to strew, go in here, by age level.
Craft stuff organized by shelf on top, toys in bins
The black magazine holders, one for each kid, with their favorite workbooks and folders
This has coloring books and blank spiral notebooks on the left, with some science stuff.
The rule is that if you need help to reach it, then you need a grown up to help.
On the right are the sterilite drawers. They have sorted papers/crafts in them, so the whole
drawer comes out to go to the tables.
Each kid has their own basket, when laundry comes out of the dryer (to the left) it goes straight into the basket to whom the article belongs. Socks in the white basket on the bottom. Towels and washclothes are folded immediately and put on the second shelf down. Top shelf is for field trip t-shirts (and yep, we, at least the littles ones and me, wear matching shirts on trips, it makes my life easier)
Board games are so not organized. Except the toddler games, if you can see them.
On the top two shelves, there are games in plastic shoe boxes. It's easier than storing them in the original boxes, and keeps them easy to see. Puzzles (in the left shelf) are taken out of boxes, and put into gallon sized ziplock bags with the front of the box/picture in the bag. We had too many boxes get torn and lost pieces.
There is usually a folding table right there to play at, but it was moved for the picture.
Sorry about the bad picture, it's the basement afterall. ;-)


Zane said...

Glad to see that you made the kids put their laundry away before you posted the pic regarding laundry storage. LOL!


Alex Polikowsky said...

Your husband is funny!
Well you got everything in place! Ready for baby! I have been checking everyday here for news!!!!!!!
Some take longer to bake!

Melissa said...

bwahahaaa! You think the kids put away laundry? That's so cute.

J/K...actually, the girls did put away laundry, they LIKE doing that. But the boys did carry their laundry upstairs and dump it out all over the bedroom to find their favorite shirts. So it looks clean for the blog and that's what counts ;-)