No baby....again.

Full moon...nothing
Intimate induction attempt....nothing
Spicy stew...nothing
Cold front...nothing

Tomorrow we start the Himalayas treatment....I told dh I was going to eat Indian food until I went into labor, just to prove it works ;-)

Great news is that the batch of diapers I bought online already made it here...so I have 12 fuzzibunz and 14 motherease, and 14 kissaluvs and four diaper covers. Not to mention all the t-shirt prefolds I have as backups and inserts. Woot!


Sylvia said...

how ya feel about a Friday the 13th baby? No superstitions there?

I'd love the idea for you - if only because I have bad associations with that day/date combo, and I'd welcome a good reason to embrace the day!

Melissa said...

No superstitions for me....I'll take what I can get! :-P