basement blues

Locking kids in the basement is bad right? What if we don't use a physical lock, just emotional turmoil?

Seriously, I just want the kitchen and dining room to be clean longer than half an hour. Is that too much? I'm so tired of cleaning, turning around and seeing another mess where I just cleaned! Seriously...melted cheese dripped all over my new floor? In a big frickin circle because he was pacing while eating???? Which part of 'use a plate' or 'eat at the table' is so difficult to remember? sheesh. I just want to walk downstairs from changing a diaper and know that it's a room I can sit in without getting my ass wet from someone spilling juice on the couch, or cutting my foot on a piece of broken plate, or having a bill stick to the syrup spilled on the table. 


Sylvia said...

Oh yes, I've had those days! I think the most oft-uttered phrase in my house lately is "I just want a room I can stand to be in."

I spent Sunday afternoon thru Monday morning cleaning, vacuuming and filled the curbside trashcan with odd and ends of trash. NOW, it's finally a house I can stand to be in....

Snavleys said...

I've had this same struggle lately until someone reminded me that my kids are geniuses. The kitchen is always a mess because they are always in it cooking, baking, drawing, writing, mixing, etc. How awesome is that! Just a different perspective that can be helpful:)