Funniest kids' comments

For today anyway:

Sam, in a conversation about why it's important to eat different kinds of fruit each day 
"Look!! A red bird!" ADHD in action, folks.

Dan, talking about dinosaurs
"I don't know why more dinosaurs didn't evolve opposable thumbs!"

Avari, in an observation at church this morning
"Mama...why isn't God wearing clothes?"
I....I, uh, don't know, what do you mean?
"Well, God took all his clothes off."
Uh....ooookaaaaay. Sweetie, what are you talking about? Where is God right now?
"God," she says, pointing at Father David, sans vestments. "He took off his robe he was wearing in church!"

BWAHAHAHAHA...I have GOT to tell the good Father about that one!


hahamommy said...

OH! One of my *favorite* memories is Hannah running to Mitch after church and saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy God Plays The Guitar!" after the priest played "Rise and Shine" during the service -- hence, Fr. Cympl played and Hannah sang "Rise and Shine" at Mitch's funeral ♥
I love what you make me think of!

Darren said...

Sam's comment isn't ADHD, it is the normal function of a child who lives in a startling world.