little river zoo

Who loves animals???? We DO!!!!
so we went to visit the Little River Zoo, down the road a bit. We love the LRZ (even if I haven't been a lot, the kids go frequently, and we support them financially) because not only do they care for and rehabilitate animals that have come from bad situations, they focus on humane education...teaching people about animals. 
Lots of animals to see, but the kids favorite was feeding the kangaroos. 
Dan especially loved the 'roos, but was worried because the blind kangaroo was actually blinded by consuming cow's milk while lactose intolerant. For those not in the know, Ava and I are lactose intolerant, but tend to sneak treats...Dan is extremely proactive about it now.
Took along a buddy, which is always fun.
I love how the older kids in our family help the littles get along. Ava couldn't see the wolves very well, so Emily helped out.
Sam Jordan
The keeper offered to let us pet a fox...and Breanna actually ran up and pet her without any troubles. Usually she's fearful of animals with fur...
...but she was excited this time! Not much later though, she started her script for leaving any place "Breanna, little river zoo closes in five more minutes!" 
Ava wanted you to see a picture of her yarn that held her water bottle. 
I love this picture because Emily and Andrew did about five things almost exactly alike...same step, same yawn, same smile, same turn and finally both scratched their heads at the same time. I was laughing so hard by then, and I feel lucky to have gotten this shot!
Being with friends was the best part...


littleoldladyinashoe said...

Nathan is like a bald Sam...amazing

Melissa said...

You're right!! how funny...i never noticed!