pollywog pool

our neighborhood park is still recovering from all the rain, and this place in particular has thrived. it absolutely teems with tadpoles.
Which must be saved, by being captured and stuck in a tank in our house. The pool is slowly drying up, and leaving more and more tadpoles struggling in the water.
What can i say, she's just cute no matter how you toss the dice. 
yay pollywogs!


Zane W. Gray said...

Can't wait to see the excitement when they get big enough to hop out of the tank!


Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Inmy best Wonder Pets voice: Save the tadpoles, save the tadpoles, SAVE THE TADPOLES!!! We went tadpole saving yesterday, out of our friends swimming pool!! Try catching a million little tadpoles in a 4 ft. deep, green swimming pool, without geting in I might add. Frank & the kids were able to save a couple hundred, but we took them to the creek at the park instead of home with us; all of our tanks are full!!!