Dh missed day 3 (and so did I!)

The hardest part of having dh gone is that I usually play 'catch-up' when he gets home. Regroup, then get around the laundry, dishes, general cleaning and nurturing. He snuggles everyone into bed, and honestly, no one sleeps well when he's gone. SOOOO...that's my excuse, dearest heart, to not posting on Wednesday, it was an awesome day!
Up early, out to the mall.
Hit the Lego store, Build-a-Bear, Mac Store, Candyopolis, Macy's and Dillards. Oh, and Hallmark (since Macy's had a cute Otter Webkin but someone had stolen the code grrr)
Once we got home (at five PM!), ate a lovely turkey dish and the boys stayed home to play video games while the girls went to Hallmark in Norman to find Otter (still no otter). Rachel bought a lil kins hippo, emily bought something for grandpa's birthday, and then we went to Target to get the special stuff you can't get at Sam's club. And to PetCo to get some mice.
Then home at 9pm to play lego. Did you know you could make your own lego guys? Three/$10
Sam's ninja cleaners
Emily's keychain
Dan's funny guys. Clear faces, princess leia chests and accessories
(binoculars, brooms, saw)

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