dh missed day 2

Sam's club first thing, with all the kids except Emi and Rachel who played with the B's

Then CiCI's pizza

Then home to ignore all the groceries that didn't have to be refridgerated.

Christy came over for a playdate and helped put away said groceries.

Made a turkey broth from our carcass, and then turned it into an absolutely fab noodle soup.

Got ready for bed and watched Journey to the Center of the Earth, with EIGHT BAGS of popcorn. sheesh.

Everyone is asleep and big plans for tomorrow. Love and kisses

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Zane W. Gray said...

DH's day:

6:00AM - Wake up, shower, shave, get dressed, etc.

6:45 - Meet co-workers for breakfast.

7:30 - First class.

10:00 - Keynote from John Chambers (and protests from a janitorial union...)

11:45 - Very brief lunch.

12:00 - More classes...

2:30 - Meet with hardware designers.

4:00 - More classes.

6:00 - Lunch at hotel restaurant.

7:00 - Visit local Apple store (YEAH!)

7:30 - Back to hotel to call sweety ;)

8:00 - Catch up on work e-mails.

9:30 - DW calls me back ;)

11:00 - Get some sleep so I can start again tomorrow.

Can't wait until Friday!