So, the past two weeks have technically been vacation for Zane, so we've been out and about the great state (and some surrounding areas) I'm hoping to get pictures downloaded from my camera soon, we'll see how that goes. For now, here are some of my favorite shots from visiting cousins last week! (and pardon the blurry shots, my camera ran out of battery, so some of it is iPhone)
Did I mention they live on nearly 20 beautiful acres...
far enough out that you can enjoy the peace?

Nathan is our nature boy, and he LOVED sitting out on the blanket
cutie-pie (plural)
Oh, the cuteness! I swear, I nearly ovulated just lookin at this sweet one.
bigger brother
next bigger brother
Ava is in love with the three younger brothers...
they play in the dirt with her.
Castles and houses with feathers and sticks
A little baseball...in which we learn how much I suck at sports
and teh kittehz, which Ava loves desperately.
I didn't get many pictures of the older girls, they were playing with chickens
and each other. of course lol
Sam and Dan enjoyed the wide spaces and lots of fun stuff around.
Here he is as Will Scarlet..."Mama, they LIVE in Sherwood Forest"
His imagination soars in large wild places.
Ava and the pet rocks
By and far, the favorite

My CIL's wife...homeschoolin' mama of nine, and just amazing
(and isn't she cute? With a body that does not look like nine babies worth. sigh)
We'll go back again, soon I hope!

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