Frontier days...

One thing I learned in scrapbooking was that if you were behind, start with your most recent pictures, and move back in time...so that's what we're doing. Last weekend was the girls trip to the zoo, and to frontier city, both to work on scout stuff.

pictures are in reverse, for some weird reason.
this is the last ride we took...perfect timing too, as it was dark and the lights were exhilarating

obligatory cutie-pie picture of Nathan.
He really loved staying out all day and seeing the world.

yes, I let my kids ride with strangers.
actually, I was very disappointed, they wouldn't let me on with Nathan,
as only children who can walk are allowed on. grrrr.

teehee, Nathan's in jail, accused of having a dirty diaper

Girls and their dolls, corn husk style.
Good timing since we just made some for their Laura Wilder board

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