Wichita Wildlife reserve, Boulder Valley edition

One tradition, that has happened at the WWR every year at family campout, is
the Boulder Valley hike. So, eight years down, who knows how many to go!!
The entrance
The trail, and yep, Ava and Dan hiked the two miles in, and two miles back out!
Even I hiked it, with Nathan on my back!

Did I mention, we did it uphill, both ways?
It was SO hot, especially considering that it was rainy and freezing the night before
(and our tent leaked, but that's another post)
Ah, finally to the valley.

Seriously, some of the rocks are the size of our truck, some are bigger
There are caves down in there, nice and cool, the kids say.
I'm thinking "ack...watch out for scorpions, spiders and snakes!"
But I save my freak-out for myself.
Funny sign on the reserve.
It cracks me up every time. so, for posterity...
We had a marshmallow roast when we got back
And most touching, a flag ceremony.
The older boys did a great job with this, and the younger boys were so respectful.
Mr Carter did a very nice monologue of the story of TAPS
A boy scout played it on the bugle.
I know I wasn't the only adult with tears in my eyes.

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