Wichita Wildlife reserve, Campsite edition

Rachel's food chain, ala natural products
I'll leave you to interpret, but the first figure is a fly
Tossing rocks, sometimes the simplest games are the most fun
Sam, about to tie lashes
One of my favorite scouts, Josh's friend Gideon
He ran one of the stations, 'radioactive rocks'
The boy, learning some lashing to build a bridge
Hot cocoa really hit the spot, you'll note lots of sisters.
Our pack is really good about involving siblings
See the roasting shoes? Nearly everyone was drenched by the storms the night before
Older boys cooking breakfast for us
Bre is eagerly awaiting some of those scrambled eggs
Our big ol' tent. Ten or twelve man, I can't remember which...
big enough for ten of us and our gear, anyway.
Zane is the only one who has to duck inside.

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