National Blog Post, another late night edition

Well, as I finish up my plans for the day, I'm shocked to look up and see it's past midnight. Not terribly shocked, but somewhat. Again the day has flown, and my propensity for the later hours has kept me from realizing that it's after midnight. Part of the trouble is that I've always been a night owl. Another part is that I am so very introverted, that I need some peace and quiet to reenergize myself (noting that introverted does not mean that I don't like people, it means that I need self time to reorganize and build myself up), so I stay up late after the kids go to bed to do so. The more we have going on, the later I stay up to recover lol!

Tonight we ordered our pictures from Gulikers, and I took Dan out to dinner and shopping for the holidays. Wound up coming up to a scout who was having issues with a project for tomorrow, and I was glad to step in and help. AND I got to see a friend whom I have not seen in ages, months really. So that was nice.

So today I'm thankful I'm in a position to stay up later, and have the morning to sleep in. Some of my kids are night owls, but the ones that aren't by nature, are respectful by nurture lol! They snuggle with me and watch some OETA, and the girls will chide me gently to follow the routine that makes the lives of all our family members run a bit smoother.

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