National Blog Post, 'ware the ides edition

Today was spent at the library, picking up books and dropping off books. The girls got some American girl books for their history girls club, and the boys got some easy reader pokemon books. Avari always picks out some interesting picture books, and Josh is usually gone in the adult section. He picked out books on cyber crimes this time, as well as a study guide for Shakespearean plays.

I did not get any books, because Nathan was being really exploratory, and the toddlers let out of story time just as we got there. But I had a chance to talk to my librarian friends, and it reminded me of how thankful I am to have them in my life, to help with not just books but to have adults to talk to during the day. They mentor the children, and guide them positively, and I'm so blessed to have the Norman Library as part of my weekly ritual.

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