National Blog Post, busy day edition

My goodness, what a busy day! I am so blessed with a husband that is ready to drop his agenda for the weekend to fit in with whatever plans we have going on. This weekend was a huge one, with Saturday being one thing after another!

Started out early in the morning with our biannual service project with the boy scouts, the 'Weed and Bleed'. This consists of some major overhauling, cutting down trees, removing dead branches from summer storms, dredging the ditch, and THIS year, cutting down a dangerous wooden bridge. The bleed part is not from yard work, but from the donations that we give to the Oklahoma Blood Institute. This was my first time in a while donating, because I've been pregnant and/or recovering, so that was a little more work that I remember being LOL!

After that, we sped over to the Sam Noble Museum, for the girl scouts class "Rocks Rock". The guys tagged along and played in the museum while Nathan and I helped the girls. The class was fabulous, the adults so interactive and interesting that you could help but to learn. We spent half of the five hours there outside in their gorgeous nature setting, and two other moms I knew were there, so I had someone with whom I could talk.

Immediately following that, I drove up to the city, sans baby, to help my dad load up yard sale stuff and get it moved to a donation site. Added blessing, he was already done, so we got to hang out. We drove over to Mardel's to buy a gift for a young man whom I was a baptismal sponsor. My dad is fun to hang out with, and he's always got an opinion.

Ended up the night at Bricktown with some friends, bowling and drinking and walking around.
Over all an excellent day. Good fall weather (one of the reasons I LOVE Oklahoma) followed by a schedule that went smoothly and SO much accomplished. whew! Thanks dearest, for all you do!

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