National Blog Post, clean house edition

Omg....spent most of yesterday and today cleaning and the house is looking good. There are some things I would change, but mostly I am so thankful. We need to paint, we need some minor repairs (and trim all over the first floor) but I am thankful that we have a house! Not only that, but it's really a great house, big enough to hold all of us with more than enough room, room even for a separate TV room and a separate play room. I should upload pictures, the girls and I rearranged the basement to make the books and such more accessible. They are getting older and really wanting resources outside of just toys, so we moved things around, they have their workbooks and separate bins for crafts and activities.

Today was my Usborne show and I'm so excited about it. Hopefully I'll get some more orders in before Monday night, as I didn't quite earn the books I was hoping for! ;-) So if you want to order books, you can do it online at www.ubah.com/HOS158392 

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