National Blog Post, birthday edition

Today was all about AVA! She turns four on Thanksgiving, so we had her party early. She is SUCH a blessing for us, and I am so thankful for her. She was the baby for a long time, so she has had a hard time moving out of that role, although she has gladly accepted Nathan as her due. He's the baby brother that she gets to play with, a living doll really! Anyway, the day was busy, with church and then home to prepare for her friends coming over. She had such a wonderful time...she cracks me up because she LOVES pink girl stuf, but has no qualms mixing it up. For her birthday party, she had in the gift bags: tink, princess, cars, and toy story, and then paper dolls with clothes that we printed out because they looked like Dora. Then when we went for her cake, she desperately wanted the Ice Age cake, but only the one with dinosaurs (she can't decide if she likes princess or dinosaur better. )

We're also so thankful for the people in her life who know her so well. Every gift was so thoughtfully chosen, and 'her favorite!'

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