National Blog Post, Oklahoma edition

So, three weeks in and EVERY SINGLE DAY brings me something new to be thankful for (I should be thankful for that alone!) LOL

Today I'm going to cheat and have two thanksgivings. My first is that as Josh and I walked home nearly two miles from Firestone (where we left the truck to be worked on tomorrow morning), I was struck by how blessed we are to live in a community where we COULD plan on walking home, two miles, with out a great deal of fear or concern for our own safety. We saw many people enjoying a cool night on Main Street, ogled some great store fronts, and enjoyed fairly nice sidewalks most of the way (nothing I'd want to push a stroller over, but still walkable)

My second thanksgiving is for Oklahoma, where at the end of November it is so very nice that we could spend a day outside playing. We usually play in the coldest nastiest weather too, but today was nice and warm, no jacket required. We drove to SouthLake Park, in OKC, in hopes that the new climber would be finished. Alas. Anyway, here are some of the kids enjoying the day. I have more pictures at FaceBook, you'll have to look there if you want to see them this month!

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