National Blog Post, Photography edition

Today was a busy day, we had professional pictures taken. It doesn't sound like much, but with eight children (and a husband), it takes a while to get coordinated (clean) clothes lined up, get kids cleaned up, and get out the door on time. I have, in the past, just gone and bought all new clothes for taking pictures, but decided that it was not responsible to waste resources like that. Money, time, fabric...all of those things we casually throw away.

Got Nathan's halloween tattoo scrubbed off his face. Got Rachel's chicken pox scar covered (she's awfully touchy about that). Took three kids to get haircuts. Ironed shirts, polished shoes, trimmed nails. In the midst of all the chaos, it occurred to me how lucky, how very blessed we are, that we have the means to visit a professional photographer, with clothes we already have, preparing in a house that has met the needs of each of us. I grew up without much of that...and sometimes I feel the loss painfully, and sometimes it increases my gratitude.

I even had the luxury of paying a stay-at-home mom, and supporting a lifestyle that I appreciate. We have in the past stuck with the $4 walmart package, and gone to Picture People and spent more than I cared to increase the income of a corporation. This mom of four, who is building her business, took her time and energy to not just take pictures, she seriously made memories. The children laughed through our hour with her. Her husband was there and spent a great deal of energy supporting us and his wife, moving backgrounds and props and helping children. What a wonderful team! Guliker's Photography, in Moore, if anyone is interested. We have a week or so until we can see our pictures, because she touches them up as part of her fee and yeah, with ten of us there were a LOT of pictures.

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