National Blog Post, psych edition

Wednesday was our bimonthly psychology appointment, and while I can't say the news was great, I can say I'm thankful. I'm thankful to have the presence of a psych in our lives who knows us so well, who cares deeply, and is so very helpful. Not only does she help us with Breanna's issues, but she helps all of the kids work through their feelings about our busy crazy life.

Bad news is that we are doing all we can for Bre, and it's not helping. She's miserable. The other kids aren't coping well with how SHE is coping. Something needs to change, and quick. Dr suggested that we consider some heavy duty drugs. We've tried all the light and natural things, supports, therapies, that can possibly be done. My favorite thing? Well, she's figured out that she can make herself throw up. Which she is doing several times a day now. Between that and her self injurious behaviors, I'm pulling my hair.

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feebeeglee said...

What are you looking at? One of the atypical antipsychs?

I'm sorry it's so rough right now. Man. A :-( smilie doesn't really cover it.