National Blog Post, recovery edition

Yesterday was a busy day! Today I'm thankful that I've had the opportunity to do National Blog Posting Month. I missed a day or two, but choosing to have a theme (like what I'm thankful for) has allowed me to focus on positive. We only have two more days in the month, but I definitely have weaned off of Facebook a little more, and I'll be posting at least every other day on here.

Today was such a nice day, after my busy shopping yesterday. Our friend Josh spent the night last night, while Rachel went to their house. We hung out and played video games and watched movies. We dug out our Christmas stuff, and ordered pizzas in preparation for the first day of Advent. Woohoo! The lights were put up, and tomorrow we'll 'hang the greens'. We have our candles, but our tradition to build a new wreath for them every year, has really not worked out this year. We wanted to save a ring of wood from the fallen tree, but the tree service was a bit too thorough and they were all hauled off! So our next plan was to mold one out of plaster, and so far that hasn't worked. If it doesn't harden up overnight and come out of the mold, we might just stop at the hobby store and get a foam ring for the year.

I found my camera cable, but didn't have time today to hook up the camera, so perhaps tomorrow night! For now I'm off the computer for Sunday....Happy Advent to everyone!


hahamommy said...

Super Sacred Sunday for me today: Mitch died 1st Sunday in Advent... so my mourning officially kicks off today. I shall be heading to the Catholic church to light a candle and see the decor (Mitch waited for our very plain sanctuary to be decorated, so he'd have a purty funeral, the priest joked!). And I will breathe in the breath of the alive and squeeze in some Holiday Cheer :D

Melissa said...

We'll light a candle for your Mitch as well. Super big hugs...