National Blog Post, black friday edition

Got all of our holiday shopping finished, which was GREAT because we like to keep the focus on Advent for the next four weeks. I'd say more about it but the kids got enough hints, earlier. Let's just keep it to the fact that I am so grateful for many reason.

First, we have the cash to go shopping for all eight kids without using a credit card and run up debt.
Secondly, that we have such a big family to shop for.
Thirdly, that I get to shop for the community dinner, as they pass out gifts to kids and adults alike, and again, that we have the cash to do it.
Lastly, that I got to go shopping with my stepmom and aunt, and that my dad joined us for a while. I had a wonderful time, even getting up at 3:30 am, and being gone past 4pm. What a day!

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