National Blog Post, zoo edition

Had a wonderfully busy day...after passing out thanksgiving baskets at church for a few hours, we headed to the zoo, which was free today. I'll have to seriously look for my cable, since you guys are still without pictures.

I mostly dislike the OKC zoo, but most of that is caught up with Bre getting lost and them not doing crap for an hour while she was missing. And the fact that they won't cover more than five kids on their membership, so we have to buy two memberships. But I am thankful that it's such a nice zoo, and that they are working to build it even better. I'm thankful that every time we go we learn something new, and I love seeing the sparks in the kids. Today Dan was very interested that genetic adaptation does not change just because habitats change. And Emily and Rachel were all over cost/benefits of adaptations. AWESOME...

Happy thanksgiving y'all!

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