Two weeks lateeer...

I hear the voice of the Spongebob commentator in my head. lol!

We've really worked hard to keep Advent lowkey, and I think it has worked. We cut out our social groups, and most of our activities including library stuff. We did add choir practice in, since the kids love to sing at the Christmas eve service, and it's only fair that they practice, ya know, in the group. Ava is loving it this year, and everyone is working really hard.

We did get the entire house cleaned, like spring cleaned type of thing. Cousins were coming to visit for Christmas, and that was a big motivator for everyone. It amazed me to walk in and see Emily washing window sills in the basement (our entire basement is line with windows along the ceiling. Let's see for pictures we have:
Nathan and Granma Kat on Santa Lucia day...

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