cloth diaper contest!

Thanks mama is giving away three products, and I really really want to win them, so I'm posting on my blog. She's giving away a kissaluvs snap free diaper, a cover, and a diaper cleaner. Many of you know that we started using cloth diapers when Ava was a toddler. I wish we would have used them earlier, but we started fifteen years ago with Josh, stupid flats and pins. They were so awful we went to disposable and never looked back. It wasn't until I met friends through an unschooling group that used Motherease, that I realized how much diapers had changed over the years. We have kissaluvs for our noobs, which I really just love. I found Motherease used online, and they are AWESOME. They aren't cheap, at $15 each, it adds up to have enough to go two days without washing. However, I bought fifteen used for $100, and a friend gave me six more snug-to-fit, so that gets us through with washing every other day. I have saved a ton of money, I figure by the time he was two months old, I saved around $300. So we're up over $1000 dollars saved and he's not even a year old yet.

 Anyway, it's a good resource outside of the contest, she has lots of info about different diapers, how to care for cloth, which covers to use. Check out the link, enter to win....

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