snowy days

another storm! As Emily said, "Mama, this is the best winter EVER! We had two snow storms!"
Our house, about half way through
I always enjoy our neighbors house better, the bushes are so pretty and bend under 
the weight of the snow to make a little scene
We went for a walk around the block while it was still snowing
Nathan loves the snow
Dan does not love the snow, per se
Sam, down by the park, trying to hit me with a snowball
Rachel is armed and dangerous
And Bre, she loved the snow
(although she loved the hot cocoa better)
Out at the park
Emily made herself some money shoveling and cleaning my truck off

Funniest story.
Ava was running in and out of the kitchen, opening the freezer. I asked her what she was doing, and she said that she was 'putting corn away'
I was sewing on Emily's quilt and didn't think much of it at first, but finally went to check on her.
apparently she named all of her icicles 'Corn', and was storing them in the freezer

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Zane W. Gray said...

Say what you will, but I think the snow ice cream was the best!