Gorgeous days!

I haven't posted lately because we have been spending all of our days out of the house! It's been gorgeous. I have lots of pictures, but no camera cable lol! I think the girls were using it downstairs...

Anyway, we spent hours this week outside cleaning up debris from this winter, lots of branches down. Raked up tons of leaves and moved them to the mulch pile...and the girls built a firepit. It's really awesome, we've spent the last two nights outside around the fire, roasting marshmallows and singing songs.

Today, we had clubs and errands, hobby store, then history girls club from 1 to 3, rush home for an art lesson, then potluck. The boys left for a sleepover at the science museum. After the fire and roasting, got everyone cleaned up, and movies started. Now I'm heading to bed, because we have a full day tomorrow too...josh has scouts first thing in the morning, delivering mulch, after the younger boys get home, then the girls have scouts in the afternoon, then Josh is leaving for another scout event in the evening. At least none of the timing overlaps, it's pretty straightforward one after another.


lol....the alternative is worse. I could have a life without these gorgeous kids. I'm thankful.

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Zane W. Gray said...

Camera cable is in Josh's room, on his entertainment center, to the left of his TV. At least, that's where it was two days ago.

We need to get you a second camera cable... preferably one that is attached to a new camera.