Tuesday Tour

So far we've toured the places to play, so i thought we'd continue the trend! Especially since we're having such a lovely day, we'll tour the back yard. We're really lucky, in that the house we bought has a double lot, although, we also pay taxes on a double lot. LOL!

From the deck (that we need to replace)
The basketball court and the view of the park
Where you see the plastic climbing toy, we plan on installing a flagstone patio
You can also see the treehouse tree, although the house is long gone
Our trampoline (which yes, needs to have an adult retether the net)
Behind it is our lil tiny swingset. We used to have a bigger one but it died.
The slide from our old swingset, it goes down from the retaining wall to the next level
Across the ditch is our garden, although it's pretty much grass now. 
The forest, with drainage. 
We've lost about 2/3rd of our trees to ice as well as thinning. It's healthier for the rest of the trees that way, promise. 
A shot of the west side of our yard, retaining wall, neighbors fence.
You can see our broken deck, and the blue tarps covering our wood pile.
The retaining wall is filled with sand, which keeps the creek from overflowing into our basement.
It also provides the best sandbox one could imagine. 
Woohoo! Firewood!
Our quiet spot. Usually filled with shade loving plants, and children dressed as fairies,
it's a place where I go to regenerate my spirit. We carved it out of the yard
as a memorial for children who have moved on...Abigail and Matthew's remains are here.
Shot of the house, from the basketball court
Shot of the park, from same basketball court
The forest. Backed by the retaining wall, it has been filled with huge tree trunks since we moved in. 
The last of them were chopped into mulch, and then our neighbors tree fell. So we kept three four foot chunks of it for fun. Now that the shed has been smashed, we're considering putting another mini patio down there, with a firepit, for the teens to hang out at.

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Zane W. Gray said...

Tough to mow and rake, but beautiful in the Spring! Can't wait to get the deck finished and get a privacy fence put in. It's a good thing we have a 30 year mortgage so I have plenty of time to do it all!