Rachel turns 10

One thing I know about my children, is that they are unique and individual people. Rachel and I were talking about her party, and more than anything she wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year. We decorated with paper lanterns, paper fish, and some new year signs from super cao...we had red envelopes with chinese paper money for everyone, and the girls made take out boxes in a rainbow of colors.

 So we had a cake with a dragon, and 12 cupcakes each with a different zodiac sign on it.

Everyone got a set of melamine chopsticks, and here you see Rachel's friend eating her jello with them lol!

We made masks and folded origami, and also made springrolls for a snack. That was really popular with the kids, we actually went through more springrolls than we did cake.

Here's one of my favorite cuties. Also one of the few who would let me take her picture. 

Nathan was very blase about the entire ordeal. He has a little bruise on his cheek from pulling a chair over on himself.  I laugh at this picture mostly because of his hair though. Very Little Rascals of him, yes?

And these are what I made her for her birthday...a little zombie and a grim reaper (sans scythe, I haven't gotten around to that) She's just requested a beanie hat for the zombie, so I'd better go and take care of that. She seems to like them, she's carried them around since her party.

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