Tuesday Tour

Tuesday tour today is our garage (mostly because dh cleaned it out and it's passable again)

The front, two car garage (that's what they call it, but never once have we parked in there)

You can kinda see our bikes, lined up

east wall, three gorilla shelves.
The first is camping stuff: sleeping bags on top, second is a box of cooking gear with tarps, next is cots and chairs and my hiking pack for Nathan, Next is tents, and last is tents. Next set of shelves has all cooking stuff, crockpots and electric skillets. Bottom and topmost shelves, though, have memorabilia. Last set of shelves has storage on top, paper items like plates, bags, toiletries, then food, food and food. It's empty because tomorrow is big shopping day.
Next to the door you can see baby gear.

South wall, door, recycling, dorm fridge with beers and sunday toppings. The gorilla shelf has more groceries, canned goods although the bottom has potatoes in the green box and onions in the gray bin. 
The cabinet on the wall has rice, flour, pasta and beans. Deep freeze, then the last door has storage for holiday items.

West wall, housewares. You can see our kitchen shelves on top, in various stages of painting, stripping and sanding. An entire shelf of assorted paints, next shelf is more paint and painting tools. Third shelf has replacement tiles and our household cleaners. Next shelf has gardening items, and the bottom has an AC unit as well as space heaters.

The other two shelves are all tools and such for dh. 
I won't be so bold as to say I know what any of them are.

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Linda said...

An organizational wonder!