Monday Morning Ponderisms, Breanna's Lyric edition

Breanna loves music, a LOT. I think what's funny to me though, is that the songs she loves (oh so eclectically) are ones where the lyrics are meaningful. I love it so much, though, that when language fails her, she has communication available. I ponder her music choices, because it tells me so much about who she is...things other moms take for granted. Other moms get to talk to their kids, to hear what they are thinking. I get to listen to her little voice, she sounds so.....typical, when she sings. She has a lovely voice, that's all hers, and so different from her Stimmy McStimmerson voice.  So in honor of her....

When she wants to get out of the house, and doesn't know how to say it: "Don't run away, you're headed nowhere" ~ Amy Grant, Don't Run Away

When she wants me to sit on her bed and scratch her back: "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you" ~ Air Supply, All Out of Love

When she's revved up and needs to burn some energy: "Ashes zu Ashes (over and over)" ~ Rammstein, Ashes to Ashes

When we drive by the school: "I don't wanna go to school today The girls all making fun of me" ~ Puddles of Mudd, Hooky

When I'm having a rough day: "Sorry I can't be perfect" ~ Simple Plan, Sorry (and yep, she does sing it and yep, it breaks my heart every time)

Isn't she beautiful? april is autism awareness month, there'll be alot more about my Bre....

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Stejskal said...

Thanks for sharing with us this brilliance that Bre exhibits. She IS BEAUTIFUL!