Monday Morning Ponderisms, Gordon Lightfoot edition

For my sweet Bre, who adores Gordon Lightfoot

"That's what you get for loving me"

But as she walks, she waits for him the pavement is a shoulder for her tears
But in her heart she knows there is no way
She can hope to change him"

"a drink for the living, a toast for the dead"

"Wheels of love go 'round
Love go 'round, love go 'round
A joyful sound"

"Now the thing that I call living is just being satisfied
With knowin I got no one left to blame"

"pussy willows, cat tails, soft winds and roses"

1 comment:

Zane W. Gray said...

I wish I could have taken her to the concert when it was in town, but I bet the crowd would have overwhelmed her.

Ah, but if I could put time in a bottle...