Autumn approaches...

As I promised here in my blog, I try to update on Sundays if I post nothing else in a week. Lots going on this week, we had an awesome time! The girls were working on a patch for scouts, called Local Lore, and we started studying our city/county. So, instead of just doing 'far back history', as the boys call it, we added Oklahoma history to our weekly rounds of learning. We went to the Cleveland County History Museum here, and toured the Silk Stocking district of our town. Really a great, smallish place to visit, and the director was interactive with the kids. We bought some old fashioned stick candy and postcards...and had a great picnic afterwards.

The mud hut has not made much progress. I think part of it is that the kids are stymied, and I need to come in with some suggestions. Another thing is that we started studying viruses in science, and the kids LOVED making our own viruses. Not only are they modeling them from craft supplies/food, but they're making up games with different side effects and diseases caused by viruses. Those are my kiddos! Next week we're moving on to bacteria!

Oh! I bought a new camera, so I need to upload some trial pictures I took, and I also need to sync my iPhone and get some of those pictures off to upload them here. Maybe I'll get that done while the kids are in my room watching Netflix.

Another update! We had the 30 week ultrasound, and the baby looks GREAT. The previa has resolved, moving from less than 2 cm to up over the height of the baby's head, so a good 8 to 9 cm. We're cleared for homebirth, and it makes me feel better about the BH contractions and other issues that us pregnant mamas face. I was really so concerned about the weight restrictions, and any contractions causing bleeding. So that's a load from everyone's backs!

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