Good news/Bad news

Well, bad news is that we didn't move our big trash out to the curb, but good news is that big trash clean up isn't for two more weeks. So score one for us! I joined a few other moms for an early morning book discussion Saturday morning, and it was really quite nice. We spent a few hours discussing Charlotte Mason and habit training, and then went our merry ways. I went camera shopping, but the one I did want, was not at Target, but even if it had been, the online sales price was NOT applicable, so with dh's help, I'll go online and order it (with free shipping) and save a bit. So I was gone much of the day, and Zane used his energy to re-tar the back porch. Another step towards having a back deck again!

The fall clean up that our city does each year is part embarrassment and part joy for me. I'm always glad to be rid of large items that we can't normally dispose of in the dumpster. But then I'm always embarrassed by the idea that we have SO much that we need a large trash pick up day to throw it all away! Also, I wonder if someone couldn't just use it for us...are we wasting things? I'm somewhat mollified by the fact that not much does get scavenged from our yard. A broken wooden bed? Couldn't we recycle the wood parts? A toilet that we replaced recently? My  mom assures me that no one would want a used toilet, it's unsanitary (anyone? is it?) An old chalkboard that we can't even ducttape back together again? Broken futon frame? Assorted hoses and pool parts?

When I see these things, I wonder. And I worry. We aren't rich, but are we so affluent that we can just throw things away?

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