Epiphany pageant, 2011

Cutest angel!

Solemn angel...

Shepherd...or Rambo?

 Three wise guys...um, gals

Heavenly host...


"Jingle Bells!"

"Oh My!"

"Lamb butts roasting on an open fire..."

 Good acting...

"for behold, tonight a child is born!"

"Did you hear that?!?!"

 "We can take the lambs WITH us!"

Two kings following the star to the third

It's hard work following stars around Asia


all. around. asia!

 "proud" parents

He's so cute!

But no lullabies!

"It makes me feel like dancin!" And Mason can bust a move!

 "Should we have turned left, or stayed to keep an eye on Herod's shady scholars?"

 I love how they are all staring at the star

The entire cast

Illustrious light queen

Breanna had a WONDERFUL time...look at happy she is!

Avari's second role was as Mother Mary...holding Talia

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