Laundry woes

See, every time I try to stay up to date on this thing, something blows up. This time, it was a washing machine. Sadly enough, our ten year old laundry machine bit the dust. Considering it was a relatively cheap thing, that has done at least three loads a day for the past ten years, sometimes up to six or seven when the kids had the flu, it's done remarkably well lol!

I looked around, read reviews, and Zane and I agreed that we wanted to try a front loader, and from all the reviews, I picked out a mid sized Samsung. Went to Lowe's and it wasn't in stock! Woe is me....Lowes NEVER lets me down, and I didn't want to wait a week for another machine. So I went home, searched the google, and found another local store that I could buy from online. I called them to verify that they had it in stock (their online store said yes) and that delivery would be actually the next day. Woohoo! It was also cheaper, even paying for delivery (Lowes has free delivery, usually)

I got a phone call Wednesday from the delivery guy (now, keep in mind that online, it said it would be delivered on Tuesday, and we called and talked to them personally and had it changed to Wednesday. 

Online it stated that it would be delivered Wednesday. The guy says that they don't have it in stock, but once they get it in the warehouse, they'd put me in line to receive one (apparently backordered) He said by the end of the week, meaning we'd get it Saturday or Monday probably.

I called the 1(877) number to verify this. After a long hold, the lady tells me that 1) they are indeed out of stock, even though their online website STILL states that they have them. 2) they got a shipment in March so they 'should be getting one soon'. Really? They have no dates or scheduled shipments, just 'in the next week or so'? Suspicious.

This is ironic in light of me calling BEFORE WE ORDERED to make sure that they had it. Zane made a joke about it being August before we got it, so I called and she said to me that they have them, and it would definitely go out the next day (ie Tuesday)

I canceled the order and got my money back. Sadly, she did not sound surprised or put out. We also did NOT get the money back that we paid for special delivery. grrrr. I did decide to stick with my usual, and got online and ordered from Lowes. It may take until Monday, but it's guaranteed!


Zane W. Gray said...

Despite the lack of washer, we managed to stomp some dirty clothes into submission in two bathroom tubs (one for wash water, another for rinse). We hung them out to dry, and used the dryer to soften them up a bit. Amazingly, we managed to empty the entire laundry room in just over a day (about 12 loads of laundry!)

Melissa said...

We are MARCHING...in the laundry tub!