Tour, the first floor

Since it's been a while,  and we've kind of moved things, I thought I'd do a grand tour.
You kind of know what it'll be like, when you walk in and see this:

See the yellow and red painting? Rachel's work

More of our entry way...you'll be able to tell what kind of organizers we are. See the paintings on the wall? The girls and I all worked together on that collection

Boys bathroom. It's supposed to be fancied up for guests too, but that really just never happens.
You see that oldest DS just got back from camp.

First boys room, for Josh and Sam. Josh's desks with all the older books, the TV stand will all of Sam's
Desk close up. You can see how many tools he needs to stay on top of things. um, ignore the two computers. I was pointing at the schedule, the white board, the calendars. 
Lots of room for friends
The younger boys' room...Nate on bottom and Dan on top.
Just for funsies, Lia's P&P for changing diapers. No one plays in here anyway.

East wall
south wall
west wall
on the north wall, it's all kitchen

on the west wall, a door leads to...duhduhduh! Certain Death....err, our garage
See how i resisted the urge to clean up? This is all Gray all the time...

Through the rabbit hole....continued tour~!

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Zane W. Gray said...

I can't believe I actually ended up in a tour photo! Not one of my best shots, but at least I look somewhat fatherly.

Next stop, the back yard tour... (maybe after the deck is done)