OOOHHHH, so busybusybusy!

Sorry I haven't posted. I'm going to try and get caught up tomorrow, maybe if you want you can read one a day and just pretend I've been posting regularly? No? Okay, fine!

We really have been busy, my awesome kids volunteered to do yard/garden work for several different people/places because they're awesome, and we've been traveling. Have I mentioned how awesome my kids are? Here they are digging up a rock garden and replacing it with several layers of ....
 potting soil
 top soil
 and mulch.
 Except Bre, who likes to supervise. She's management material.
 But they did great, had fun, and earned lots of little treats along with the respect
 Even Nathan helped
 Emily's the management that works with the team
 our little cheerleader
 and the workhorse. She's a hard worker, no bones about it.

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