Bre is really communicating!

Bre has been on medication for almost a month. I almost hate to tell how it's going for fear of jinxing the entire deal. However, it's going so great! It's just about her hormonal time, and while she's gotten a little more frustrated, she is really having that time to rethink and make better choices. And her communication? Is really leaping! Here's what she typed on the iPad tonight. I'm the odd sentences (1, 3, 5, etc) and she's even.

What is wrong.?
I feel sad
What is making you feel sad?
I want birthday
It's a long wait
What about your party?
Underwear Pillow Blanket Train Movies 4 Turtle Cake Balloons
How many balloons
Oh no! Too many balloons!
Funny  (laughs)  Invite Blazeks Smith Kramers grandma grandpa
That will be gun! Any games?
What games?
Popper fire
(Bre yawns)Are you tired? Want to sleep?
Ice cream
Oh....we don't have ice cream. Sorry Do you want something else?
Go To The Store To Get Ice Cream?
Sorry, it's after bedtime.
Ice cream for birthday
That is a good idea. In three weeks well buy ice cream
Gonna go to Little Caesars and buy pizza
Not tonight, I'm sorry
Pizza Party
Finished typing time to sleep
Love you breanna