For girls and boys

Dedicating this to Kathryn and Coy...

Boys are people.
Girls are people.
There is no such thing as a boy color. Or a girl color.
There is no such thing as boy hair. Or girl hair.
Kids know this innately, adults screw it up nearly every time. Let them be kids, let them play with what they love. Don't worry about other people judging them, because you know what? If everyone stopped judging, then no one would be JUDGED!

Bre loves this haircut. She is still a girl. Therefore, this is a girl haircut.
 Rachel plays with this castle, therefore, this is a castle for boys AND girls.
 Ava loves digging for fossils.
 Boys can play with babies...babies need daddies as much as they do mommies.
 Girls can play in the dirt
 Boys can have pink bicycles
 and girls can have camo pajamas....if they wanna.
 Boys can have pink hair, pink shoes, and pink shirts.

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