Christmas Shopping

Okay, I know it's a bit early, but with nine kids ya gotta start early. And I found these online at Etsy...

So cute, upcycled sweaters, weighted dolls

I ordered them Monday, and got them today! Of course I couldn't resist letting the kids have them now
They're weighted to about one pound, so they stand up by themselves, until she knocks them over

 Did I mention that they were sturdy? Talia kept pulling at the hat and it wouldn't come off. Whew!
 And it's imminently nommable....must. kiss. baby! I often feel that way about my babies.
 I just like the satisfied look on her face in this one...lol!

I bought one for Nathan too! He was rip-roaring around with it...this is the only nonblurry picture!
 First the baby needed a piggy back ride
 Then the baby was 'bewwybewwy hundwy' and needed a nurse
 A quick hug and some rocking
 And then covered up for a nap. 
 Ava really loved the babies too, I'm trying to decide if she really needs one. i already bought groovy girl stuff for her. but she really loves this one.
Talia really did name them both...she kept grabbing the blue one and yelling ecker! ecker! So we're calling him Hector. And the little pink sweater doll is called Bovka. 
LOVE LOVELOVE Buttergoon's dolls!

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