Punkin Head and other things

I'm adding some more pictures of Nathan, just because he's a cute little guy!

Everything around here is okay, we had weatherization from the community action center come out, what a nice group of young men (am i old enough to say that?) Very gentle with the kids, very efficient, conscientious in their work. Add in that it's free, and I'm over the moon. We got CO detectors, new insulation in both attics, patching some holes, lots of foam insulation and sealant around windows and walls.  Got our fridge fixed, which is another woohoo. It's amazing how much less water the kids drink when the door isn't working. 

Kids are having fun with the stuff they chose to learn. The boys love Latin, and even Avari is learning some...the girls have been a bit overwhelmed with their science reports but we're plugging away together on that. They're now working on displays on pollution for the public library...they look great so far.

Anyway, here's that sweet boy!

 He said he wanted to make hay angels....I think HE is my angel...

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