Pumpkin gunkin...carve some more!

If that title doesn't catch your attention, I don't know you as well as I thought.

Everyone likes a little gunk, right? 
I love the look on Ava's face...
 These pumpkins probably *could* be carved, but really? Just no....we'll use sharpies instead
 Nathan was really proud of his ability to balance a pumpkin on a spoon. 
He refused to balance them on his nose and bark like a seal. 
We, however, kept trying to talk him into it while he said repeatedly
"I not a seal! I a Nathan!"
 See, he's very adamant here...
 Ava added hair to her pumpkin, I just could squee over this. Look! Little eyelashes!
 Why a spoon? Because it hurts!
 Like Father Alan said last year...God takes out all the gunky stuff....
 I don't know if He examines it THIS closely

 Even Talia got in on the action!
 Even Bre got into it...I don't recall her every scraping out a pumpkin

 One of our pumpkins...I have to load the rest of the pictures from the phone camera...

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